Know 5 important reason of having a website

Due to the advancement of  social media a lot of businesses   have been overlooking the importance of having  a website and building, actually expanding their   online presence. They usually think building  a website is too expensive compared to   having an Instagram account, or it’s too complex,  or that people don’t visit websites anymore,   but the fact is having a website is still very  relevant. So here are our five reasons why you  should have a website in 2022. 

Number one is  social media disruption. Imagine that you own   a business, that you built a brand, you’ve built  a community around Facebook. Everything was fine,   business was growing, the audience was increasing,  orders were booming and then boom…here   comes Instagram and then later YouTube, TikTok.  If your audience was too concentrated on Facebook   suddenly you became irrelevant. And we are  not trying to say that Facebook is totally   irrelevant and that you shouldn’t have one. No,  you absolutely should have a Facebook account,  or Facebook page for your business. But the fact  is that the relevancy that Facebook had before   all these other platforms emerged was much bigger, and that’s a natural process. People don’t spend   much time on Facebook anymore like they do on 

Instagram and TikTok, and even YouTube, and the  scary news is this is probably gonna happen to  Instagram and TikTok too. It’s a natural cycle,   these things they live and then die, so what you can do to mitigate that risk?   Well, start building an audience outside these social media platforms and then you will have   more independence and a more diversified audience,  in a way that if these platforms suddenly die you   will still have your business. 

The second reason  why you should have a website in 2022 is to build  trust. That for me alone is a very good reason to  have a website. Because websites are so complex   and expensive to build in comparison to, I don’t  know, a TikTok account or an Instagram, Facebook   profiles, the amount of fake websites is much  smaller than the amount of fake Instagram profiles   and Facebook, and whatever social media you want  to talk about. Me, personally, as a consumer,   if I’m about to complete a purchase  from a brand that I never heard about,   I don’t know anything about this company,  the first resource I go to is their website   and I will not complete the transaction if I  don’t think the website is trusted or if I have  any indications that that brand is fake. So in a  nutshell, having a website gives you credibility   and the consumers will probably trust you more  if you have a well-built and updated website.  

The third reason is presence. Well, we talked  about diversifying your audience and everything,   but there’s another thing that having a  website allows you to take advantage of  and that’s search engines. If  you choose your niche correctly,  if you choose the right keywords, if your site is  optimized for SEO, chances are that you’re gonna   get a lot of organic traffic. That will help  you not only grow your social media accounts,  but also drive more traffic to your online store,  if you have one, help you collect more email   addresses signing up to your newsletter, just help  your business in general. 

The fourth reason why  you should have a website is e-commerce. I know a lot of these social media platforms like Facebook,   Instagram have built-in e-commerce features. I  think TikTok is testing or in the initial phase   of rolling out, but the fact is most consumers  still feel safer going to a trusted website,   than buying in a random social media account.  Also because of those reasons I talked before  people tend to trust the website more, because  it’s more complex, it’s more expensive,   so a brand that’s not really invested in growing  their business wouldn’t invest in a website   because there are more barriers to get in. I would  say if you’re in the process, or thinking about  building an online store the website is probably  the best way to go, and then you can maximize   sales and revenue. 

Well, the last reason why you  should have a website is to create a targeted   demographic. One of the best ways to sell things  to people is to have a highly targeted audience   and the best way to build this audience, in my opinion, is to have, on your website, a section  dedicated to a newsletter or something that people  can drop their email addresses and subscribe to. These people already, willingly, gave you their  contact information so they are already interested   in whatever you’re selling, or at least they  want to know more about it, so why not market   your product or service to these people first?

Author: Business Brain Squad

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